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Freshly home-cooked.


No sugar, salt, additive or preservatives added.

Straight to your doorsteps.


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Our Story

Like any other parents, we would love to provide the best for our kids. Our first child was literally fed off-the-shelf instant baby food cereals (nestum, heinz, gerbers, farleys etc). As any first time parents, we didn't think we have a choice and cooking our own baby food was not in the picture back then since we were working on shifts.​

For our second child, we were determined to prepare the baby food on our own, from the first solid food till now, we have been cooking his meals (except for the occasional cookies and biscuits). I have been posting on Facebook and Instagram photos of the menu we prepared for him. After a short while, some of our friends were asking us to prepare meals for their kids too. The support and feedbacks we received from family and friends were overwhelming.The rest, is history.

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